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Chef Margie Arosh Biography

Chef Margie Arosh is a graduate of George Brown College of Culinary Arts with over 20 years cooking experience. Margie specializes in Moroccan, Mediterranean and Kosher Cuisines.

"I have always been in love with food. Simple, fresh and delicious food ... a French Baguette smeared with fresh sweet butter in the morning, along with a fragrant fresh cup of coffee and I’m in heaven.

As a young wife, I spent hours learning and talking about food with my mother. Shopping and haggling in Kensington Market or frying piles of sweet Moroccan treats in her kitchen are some of my fondest memories with her.

Throughout the years, I often entertained family and friends and while preparing these endless meals I often found myself drawing on the special combination of my Moroccan heritage, my Canadian childhood and fianally, my culinary training. It has been during this process that I developed my own unique style of cooking.

My parents and siblings were all born in Tangier, Morocco then immigrated to Canada in 1961. I was born the following year. As Tangier was an international port city, the bright fresh flavors of the Mediterranean and the food of the locals highly influence the style of my cuisine.

Being that Mom is no longer with us, it appears I have become ‘The Grandmother’, and I'm feeling the need to document my treasured recipes with hopes to inspire others to cook fresh and healthy meals ... all through the eyes of my heritage, experience and knowledge. This is an exciting time for me.

After working for 20 years, first as a Hebrew School Teacher and then as a business owner in the food/baking industry, I decided to pursue my current career, my true passion, and become a fully Accredited Professional Chef.

I graduated George Brown College of Culinary Arts in 2006 and then promptly completed my apprenticeship with Toronto’s foremost Kosher Caterer GMB Culinary Production Inc.. During my time with GMB, I had the privelage of working at some of Toronto’s most prestigious venues. I also had the opportunity to manage GMB’s kitchen in the Lipa Green Building – Jewish Community Services."

Margie’s Kitchen – Personal Chef and Cooking Instructor was launched in November 2006. Word of mouth has been advertising enough!